West Virginia Writers Contest

Hello everyone! I know it’s very short notice and I apologize for that, but I thought that some of you folks- the West Virginia ones, specifically- might want to know about an upcoming event that I am taking part in… The annual West Virginia Writers Contest!

Here’s the link if any of you would like to check it out. The mail in date is March 15 which is in a very few days, but there’s a late date of March 31st if you pay an extra fee of $2 per manuscript- or, if you are an unusually prepared person and already have a short story or two written, you can just send that in. Again, all of the details are in the link that I provided above.

If you aren’t a resident of West Virginia, just like I’m not, than you have to become a member of West Virginia Writers, but that isn’t difficult, and they have links for all of that on their page.

I wrote a short story titled Smile, Smile, and Be a Villain which I am entering into the categories of both Short Fiction (5,000 words) and Emerging Writers Prose (also 5,000 words) that touches briefly on the lives of Octavia Larson, a secret SuperVillain, Melchior Victorr, SuperHero engaged to Octavia, and Hamish Victorr,, our main character who is a Villain and not very good at it. It’s fluffy and fun and I know it won’t win, but I’m really just doing this contestfor the experience.

Drop a comment below to let me know if you’re doing it!

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