The Great Bookshelf Tour of Greatness!

Hello my favorites! I’m back! Or… mostly. I’m currently on a 9+ hour long drive back from North Carolina where I have spent the last week doing nothing and I’m on my way to a bookstore* but we won’t reach it for another 3 hours SO. I have decided to give you the post that I forgot to post before I left because #lazy.

One day I was extremely bored. (Why didn’t I just read? Have you met me? I am the least productive person I know.) So instead of doing useful things I…

Drumroll please…

Reorganized my bookshelves!

I do do this about once every blue moon, but I decided that this time I’d give a tour.**

*Be quiet. Of course I need more. Use your brain, please.



I did a thing and went ahead and organized them by color instead of author or title or shape or size or thickness or the number of unicorns on the cover and I CAN’T STOP LOOKING. IT’S SO PRETTY. I feel like Gollum. I just lay on my bed and stroke them and whisper “my precioussssss” in a voice that sounds like I’ve been smoking for over fifty years. I have four bookshelves in my room (not enough, I know. Blasphemy.) and one of them has all double parked rows of just black and white books that I didn’t include pictures of because I was in the mood for beautiful, colorful rainbow things. Sorry.*

*Still actually not.


And of course I have to include the lonely little purple section. Isn’t it a travesty how few purple books there are? Purple is a beautiful color. Valeka the dragon is purple. So is Sherlock’s shirt. I’m going to start a petition for more purple books. WHO’S WITH ME?

Moving on.


Speaking of Sherlock… he looks so lonely. He needs John. Or me. Fine, yes, he can just have me.*

*What a catch. (Cue hysterical laughter.)


And last but not least, my adorable little Slytherin friend posing in front of the beautiful baby blue section. (Please no hating on my for my love of Snape. I AM YOUNG AND INNOCENT.)

Well that’s it, lovelies. Sorry for the shortness of this post, but I promise the next one will be longer–and stranger. Much stranger. Are you prepared? MWAHAHAHAHA.

Sign off-less Eden.



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