Hello everyone! I have so much to tell you all! Firstly, you may have noticed the beautiful new graphics– header and button– all over my page. Aren’t they gorgeous? I’d like to give a shout out to Grace Thomas of The Girl Upstairs blog for designing them– you have so much talent, Grace! And if you all haven’t seen them, please check them out above.

Secondly, Endings, by K.M. Shea, was released on Thursday and I started and finished it in a little under three hours. It was that good. Seriously, if you haven’t read King Arthurs and Her Knights yet, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. Endings was by far the best of K.M. Shea’s books that I have read (and I’ve read them all) and didn’t let me down at all, as I was afraid it would– ya know what I mean; building up so much anticipation for a book sometimes makes it seem just that much less impressive. But not so here! I laughed, and I cried, and anyone who knows me will attest that I am not a crying gal. Even now, the next day, I still have all those Merlin/Britt/Mordred/everyone else that I love feels.

Do you know how after you finish a book you sometimes feel like… like… like you have nothing left to live for? Image result for heroes of olympus headcanons


For other news; do you remember the first post I made about King Arthurs and Her Knights? Well, I contacted the author of said books through her blog (Here’s the link) about perhaps featuring a bit of my review on her blog and she recently emailed me back saying yes! So click the link above, go to the ‘Books’ page, and read the words of Your’s Truly!

That’s all, folks! If you’ve ever “experienced emotional trauma at the hands of a paperback”– of hardback, of e-book– drop a comment below and I’ll commiserate.

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